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Why Man-Made

Impact Stories

A Powerful Brotherhood

Other men need man-made because we need men in our lives… And just being with other happy, healthy guys is incredibly powerful.


A Genuine Brotherhood

You can be open and honest in a genuine way and not feel like you're being judged… The people in Man-Made accept as a brother, accept my flaws and appreciate the value I bring to the table.


Our 5 Foundations

We equip men with the tools, training and team to thrive in the five core areas of their lives. 



  • Discover your purpose

  • Understand the power that lies within you

  • Own who you are and whose you are



  • Build the legacy you were chosen for 

  • Earn the relationship you deserve and discover the fire that was once thriving

  • Own the father you desire to be



  • Create the image of the man you’ve been searching for

  • Gain the understanding to what gives you the power and longevity to show up for those you are leading

  • Experience the power locked inside again



  • Learn the exact sequence to building the wealth you want

  • Design the lifestyle you desire

  • Create the financial freedom you deserve



  • Do life in a community with other like-minded men

  • Discover how to build the wealth, the freedom and the peace you’ve been searching for

  • Become the version of yourself NOW that the future you would be proud of


Meet the faces behind Man-Made

Man-Made helps men create exceptional experiences, implement everyday tools that accelerate personal success, and build lifelong networks with men who give a shit about life!

Josh Kalinowski

Trainer / CEO

Josh has established himself as a successful entrepreneur of several companies. Starting many of them by napkin or handshake, JK continues to push the envelope of dripping every last second out of everyday. As a former professional athlete he knows the struggles, challenges, courage, discipline and vision it takes to pursue what very few will ever experience. Through his personal failures and victories he has proven to withstand the storms of life. Not with perfection but with courage and relentless pursuit of becoming the best version of himself  JK dives deep into the soul of each man, helping them discover the king inside each of themselves. His fire for life and purpose ignites the flame in those who wish to set theirs on fire.

Josh K.png
Jimmy K.png

Jimmy Kleager

Lead Trainer / Business Owner

Jimmy, Lead Trainer, is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, US Army with a decorated career as an Infantryman including three deployments to the Middle East, two to Afghanistan and one to the Iraq.  His 20 years serving in the United States Army honed his leadership skills and passion to build men to their full potential.  He is a firm believer that each man has a God given purpose ready to be unbridled, to be the King of their life…men who live fully; empty the tank every day, with a reckless and unabashed love for all they do and want to accomplish.  Jimmy is acutely aware of the hard work and sacrifices required and stands resolute in helping men grow. 

William Branum

Lead Trainer / Business Owner

A former US Navy SEAL with 26 years of service, William Branum is the COO and a lead trainer at Man-Made. William focuses on helping other men grow while growing even more himself. His goal is that every man can find their purpose and mission with the right team: a team of men they can trust to be vulnerable with when necessary, and push them past limits to pursue excellence.

Doing life with the right team has always been William’s MO. He joined the Navy immediately after graduating high school. Post graduation from SEAL Training (BUD/S Class 208), he served on multiple SEAL Teams, taught SEAL Sniper School, and deployed around the globe. When William “retired” from the SEAL Teams, he felt like he had lost his purpose, mission, and team. 

“Now that I have found my new purpose, mission and team, I am excited to help other men find the most elite version of themselves.” 


Impact Stories


Back on Track

Prior to the event, I lacked clarity, vision, and self-accountability, and the ability to forgive myself for where I was in my life.  I was at a point where I lacked self-confidence and had decision paralysis. 


The Awakening was the event that allowed me to get back on track and game plan and how to execute, and to change the trajectory of my life.  


I know where I want to be and how I’m going to get there. 



Show Up

I was skeptical that going to The Awakening would have a positive effect on me and my life.  After reflecting on The Awakening,  I found a new meaning of the word “brother”.  We got past the superficial crap and grew together.  

I have gained the clarity, and know, that I need to show up for myself and that I was an obstacle on my own path.  I believe that I will thrive in my passion to help others as I now believe in myself and my path more.  

Hard is a necessity of good.  You must fight for good. Bring it and show up.


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