Sometimes bigger isn’t better.

We keep our events small to focus on exceptional experiences and create an environment that leaves a life-long impact and enables you to build unbreakable bonds with men just like you. Because of this, opportunities for these experiences fill up fast. Reserve your spot today!

Alpha Camp

What does it take to be an Alpha? Our culture often confuses “Alpha” with being a dick and bashes the very characteristics that most fulfill us. Contrary to popular belief, being an “alpha” doesn't mean being the best in every situation. It doesn’t mean obsessing over “dominating” or being the center of attention or winning every competition. What differentiates an alpha is direction. 


Every man can build direction when they tap into their Alpha energy. Alpha energy is the driving force that helps you gain the lifestyle you want.


Quit apologizing for who you are and discover the man you were meant to be. Together, we will learn to harness our power to adapt, create, invent and perform at levels you never thought possible. In this three-day adventure, you will learn how to access your alpha energy to build purpose, clarity and direction.

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ALPHA Camp 1.0
Jan 27, 2022, 4:00 PM MST

Rugged outdoor life in Casper, WY

January 2022

Take a deep breath and inhale the wild mountain air. Notice the stillness as you lace up your boots to tackle the day's challenges. The weight of your backpack loaded with the essentials you need to survive. The smell of campfire smoke, the feeling of dirt between your hands, and the beauty of a night sky without city lights. Life’s work and obligations distract us from the core of our being and our place in the universe. Staying busy makes it easy to miss the power of the world around us and within us if we choose to find it. Alpha Camp will bring your senses back. In this three-day adventure, you will rediscover your masculinity. Find out who you really are and what you were made for as we recall your hidden potential and reclaim what it means to be a man. Find your place and life-long friends in a tribe of men who won’t give up on you. Together, we will learn to harness our power to adapt, create, invent and perform at levels you never thought possible. Your adventure awaits.

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Ballin’ in Scottsdale, AZ

April 2022

Every kid dreams about it. Hitting the game-winning home run. America’s greatest pastime is not just for kids. Join us for a private experience on the diamond of a professional baseball field. Experience infield and shag batting practice with professionals athletes. Get exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes of a major league clubhouse and stadium. Sit down with an executive in charge of running a billion-dollar company. During this three-day adventure, you will connect with the best minds in baseball and discover the roadmap successful business owners took to drive massive success in their lives. Build personal bonds with other men who want to kick ass in life. You will leave with irreplaceable memories, connections and more importantly a community of men to do life with!



Fishing + pheasant shoot + great food = best boys trip ever in Casper, WY

July 2022

This three-day excursion includes everything need for an unforgettable weekend: great people, great food and great fishing. Join us for world-renowned, blue-ribbon trout fishing on the North Platte. Experience private access to the best locations and best fishing spots. Led by expert guides, you will become the fisherman you always knew you could. Just when you think this experience is over, we’ve added a pheasant shoot to the experience. Get ready to aim for the blue skies of Wyoming. Enjoy a private chef for meals and access to Casper’s most private social club for one-of-a-kind drinks you will not find anywhere else. If you are looking for the ultimate guys trip that will leave you with memories, newfound friendships and connections to build your empire sign your ass up today!



The Grand in Jackson Hole, WY

August 2022

If adventure is what you are looking for, this is your trip! Join us as we navigate the terrain of the Grand Tetons. Less than 1% will attempt to climb “The Grand” and even less will accomplish the feat of doing it. If you desire a new audacious challenge to push yourself beyond what you thought you could achieve or if you just desire to do something tough for the hell of it - look no further. During this three-day experience, you will get to witness one of the greatest places in Jackson and get great insight from our world-renowned guide. You will build an unbreakable bond with other like-minded men who desire to tackle big shit in their lives, just like you.

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CORPS of Discovery

When does a boy become a man? Manhood is not achieved by a number but a knowing. Every father wants to know, "Did I raise my son to be a man?" And every son wants to know when he is a man. 


American culture makes it difficult for boys to know when they have done what it takes to become a man in their eyes and their father's eyes. 


CORPS of Discovery was created to give fathers the opportunity to create a right of passage for their sons. This event helps men walk with their boys through challenges that will train them to harness the power within and unlock the man inside them. 


Give your son the gift of a one-of-a-kind experience that will engrave an unforgettable revelation of the man you see in him.

Coming June and September 2022

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The Awakening

As men, we sometimes settle. We grow accustomed to complacency, not just because of the faults within us but our compliance to our culture's expectations. Our world convinces us that our dissatisfaction with the status quo and search for greatness is selfish, arrogant or egotistical.


I'm here to tell you it's none of those things. 


Many of us have succumbed to this trap, but most of us know deep down something's wrong. There is an emotion lurking inside of you that you have suppressed because of the fear of letting it out. 


It's called COURAGE!  


We as men have ignored the opportunities for courage in our lives. The courage to lead, to be decisive, to be strong, to be fearless, to be raw, to be real, to be passionate, to be FREE!


During this three-day immersion, "The Awakening," you will uncover your deepest desires, your truest emotions and the strength to take back your throne. The mental, physical and emotional challenges you will face will uncover a man you never knew existed, but always dreamed of becoming. 


If you are ready to bury the old habits, the stories, the lies and the chains in your life that have held you back from becoming the King in your Kingdom, sign up for "The Awakening".

Coming September 2022

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