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October 2-5  Unfinished Business

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MAN-MADE presents the Alpha Camp, Epic Adventure series

2023 R3 Challenge

Get ready to do hard shit and live epically.
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If you’re looking for the “next thing”... this is it.



Average people visit and hike the Grand Canyon… but only the elite dare to venture from Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim. 


This is your opportunity to stop settling for average.

Your mission:

Crush the Grand Canyon.

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If you need to…


Disconnect from the chaos of life.


The phone calls.


The emails.


The noise. 


This is your moment to challenge yourself with a group of other high-performing, badass men, that will push each other through an unforgettable experience.


During this event you will build connection with yourself and others.


You will have space to ponder where you are in life.


You will be confronted with head space again.


Opportunity to reflect and plan your next attack in life. 




This challenge is not one you should walk into blindly.


While we believe no man should be left behind, we also refuse to carry the weight “of” you or for you. 


This journey will test your limits.


You will have to overcome exhaustion, mental walls and discomfort to experience victory.

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Your R3 mission:
  • 50+ miles 

  • Estimated completion time: 18-20 hours (continuously) 

  • Terrain with 20,000+ elevation change

  • Potential for 70-degree + temperature changes

  • Snow, heat, wind and rain


Get ready to be uncomfortable…


Get ready to challenge yourself…


Get ready to grow…


Get ready to do something EPIC that no one can take away from you!


Your ticket secures 


  • 60-Day training program prior to the event to prepare you (Weekly calls)

  • World Class Professional Guide for the R3 Hike 

  • Personalized Swag

  • 60 Day HardTo Kill Battle Plan 

**Limited Spots Available!**

For many of us...this is unfinished business 

While we have no remorse, we still know that there is work to be done and a goal to be accomplished.


The Canyon got the better of us last time.


But now it's our time.


We've done the work before. We've committed to the challenge before.


It's time to revisit. Recommit. And renew our goal of completing this EPIC challenge. 

Gentlemen, there is still unfinished business we need to attend to...

See you at the Rim 


Here’s what your adventure includes… 

Day 1 - October 2 - The Arrival

  • Arrival at the Grand Canyon  

  • Meet the guys

  • Rest and Relax

Day 2 - October 3  The adventure begins

  • Begin journey at 5:00 MST

Day 3 - October 4  Complete the R3

  • Estimated time of completion 1:00-3:00 MST

  • Dinner Celebration 

Day 4 - October 5 Homeward Bound

  • Depart from Sedona - Times TBD

Commit now to


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Your spot is secured, a representative of Man-Made will be in touch shortly.

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